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Brand Identity, Logo

Following the success of the Chefio project, Mr. Duong - the talented and enthusiastic Founder, once again came to Tree to cooperate in building another brand of household appliances production and distribution, this time aiming towards high-class products in the market segments. Bringing modern life, with European standard quality to consumers in the Vietnamese market.


Chefio is a brand that meets the needs of mass customers with a line of durable quality products at an affordable price. On the other hand, Gemanic’s goal is to reach more demanding customers with higher requirements. Therefore, the challenge for Tree in this project is to bring the feeling of modernity, especially from the high-end product line. Just by looking at the brand identity,  the customer can feel the product’s high value, with European technology, sustainability, and quality.


Gemanic identity begins with a logo inspired by the “circle” – an image of perfection that brings complete happiness. Furthermore, from a top-down view, the “circle” act as the “foundation” and is considered the “pillar” of the Gemanic household product line: pans, saucepans, and rice cookers, … at the same time, the “arrow” identification line was born in the shape of letters. “G”, a testament to the brand’s continuous development.

The key visual system is developed from the language of moving arrows, which is the source of a flexible graphic system that directly applies to the core values ​​and products of the brand. This is also the factor that differentiates Gemanic’s brand from competitors.

The youthful, dynamic font combined with the dominant red color further affirms the enthusiasm and fierce belief in the mission of bringing European standards to everyday life for Vietnamese consumers.



It can be said that the special mark that lead the Gemanic project to success is the creation of the right synchronization in all products and publications with freestyle strokes. Directing the brand to the desired customer segment with an identity that gives the authentic feeling of experiencing a modern and quality product line according to German technology, promising fulfilled happiness to every Vietnamese family.

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