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Ninh Binh
Brand Identity, Logo

Coming to Tree as a close friend and trusted partner, Growland's founder wishes to create an identity that’s suitable for one of the leading real estate investment and construction companies in Vietnam.


With the motto of always looking to the future, Growland’s brand identity needs to reflect the founder’s enthusiasm and desire for success, while at the same time, still showing the typical characteristics of the real estate construction industry.


Growland’s logo starts with the representation of a coin in the form of a green circle, drawing inspiration from condensed, minimalist images that are closely related to the specifics of the real estate industry. Accompanying it is the image of a progressive arrow, continuously going up, representing the continuous growth of Growland in the future. Moreover, when combined, the image creates the shape of the letter G, representing the brand’s first letter.

Growland’s identity is created from a delicate and unique combination of circular, diagonal, and shoulder-line systems that represent the solidity of the real estate industry but still retain the flexibility of the financial factor. Along with that, the sans-serif font system creates a youthful look while remaining professional, easy to read, and suitable for the industry style.

Growland’s color system is created from images of nature and people. With green representing the earth and the red highlight representing the fire of determination within the heart of every person in Growland.



Tree has built a unique, flexible, and highly applicable identity for Growland. The primary use of the color green combined with red accents highlights the brand and its image. At the same time, the portrayal of a large, continuously rising arrow shines a spotlight on Growland’s tagline “Grow your future”. That arrow also shows determination as well as a distinguishing factor for Growland from other units within the real estate and construction industries.


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