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Hem 8

Hà Nội
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A brand conceived by the Founder from his own exciting and inspiring experiences that are true to the maxim, "The career chooses you, not you choose the career". With "Hẻm 8", the Founder shares the story of getting on with the F&B business as well as the passion built up from such amazing experience. "Hẻm 8" sets a sight on bringing each and everyone of you a high-class, professional experience at a reasonable price in a modern, yet cozy space, from where you can relax, embed yourself in the air of Vietnamese customs and traditions, and enjoy the pure flavors and the quintessence of Vietnamese cuisine. Starting in 2020 amid the difficult times of the pandemic Covid-19, while encountering lack of operating experience, "Hẻm 8" nearly had to "end its journey" right after 1 year. However, it was the passion for the F&B industry that prompted the brave Founder to restore "Hẻm 8" with the great goal to make it become a restaurant chain where any diners can experience the best professional service.


With the resolution to expand the scale, the Founder of “Hẻm 8” came to Tree with the desire to find a solution to help build a professional and synchronous brand image, thus increasing brand value and customer experience in all aspects, from the customers’ feeling on brand image on media channels to direct contact with the space and the people when entering the restaurant and enjoying the taste of the dishes here. Aiming to create a breakthrough and creativity on the available foundation, without compromising the unique and close features in the hearts of diners, the Founder of “Hẻm 8” wishes to refine the logo, refresh the brand identity to bring synchronization and professionalize the appearance of the restaurant. The difference that “Hẻm 8” wants to highlight through this entire project is the experience in a restaurant with a modern, high-class but still close and warm space, the taste imbued with national identity, and affordable price for all diners.


Inspired by the nature-friendly decor of the restaurant’s space: The image of bamboo trees, which is close to Vietnamese cultural identity and present a lot in the decoration space of the restaurant, combined with the warm brown tones of the wooden furniture, resonating with warm yellow lights to bring a peaceful and relaxing space amid the noisy urban area. With all things considered, Tree recommends the main color palettes for the restaurant’s identity: green, brown, and gray, which are resonated colors to help enhance customer experience. The logo font is specially created by Tree from the image of bamboo internodes to produce a visual effect that makes the font strong, bold, and solid, bringing a sense of security, sustainability, and prestige, promising an equal experience ecosystem for all diners when coming to Hẻm 8.

Kết quả

Logo sau khi được tinh chỉnh cùng bộ nhận diện thương hiệu đồng bộ, chuyên nghiệp giúp gia tăng giá trị cho thương hiệu cũng như gia tăng mức nhận diện của thương hiệu trong phân khúc nhà hàng, quán ăn cao cấp. Từ màu sắc tới font chữ tạo sự thân thiện, gần gũi đồng nhất với không gian quán gia tăng trải nghiệm cho mọi thực khách. Sản phẩm có tính ứng dụng cao xuất hiện trong trong không gian trang trí quán cho tới các ấn phẩm truyền thông. Tree hy vọng với hình ảnh chuyên nghiệp mới mẻ này có thể giúp Hẻm 8 nhanh chóng phát triển trở thành chuỗi nhà hàng cao cấp.



The logo, after being refined with a synchronous and professional brand identity, helps to increase the brand’s value as well as the brand’s identity in the segment of high-end restaurants and eateries. From the colors to the font, all helps create a friendly, close space for the restaurant, enhancing the experience for all diners. The products with high applicability appear both in the decoration space of the restaurant and on the media publications. Tree hopes that this new professional image can help Hẻm 8 quickly develop into a high-end restaurant chain.

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