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Moka is the brainchild of a great Founder who wants to build a brand in the field of F&B, bringing the youth a variety of drinks originating from coffee. Coming to Tree, the founders of Moka shared their ideas about the brand image, aiming towards youthfulness and dynamism. Creating a place where the new generation can indulge in the traditional flavor of a cup of coffee.


With the passion for coffee and the mission of spreading the drinks created from this beautiful ingredient closer to young people, the Moka identity must bring a dynamic and youthful spirit, getting in touch with the emotions of its audience. In particular, creating a unique identification system that shows the brand personality.


Moka’s identity is directly inspired by the image of a “cup of coffee” and its characteristic brown color. Furthermore, when it comes to a hot drink, the first image that comes to mind is a hot cup of coffee with hot air flowing out.

The remarkable aspect of the Moka logo is the combination of “words” to create a “talking” image that conveys the brand’s characteristics. As an inseparable trio, the letter S “on top” is listening to the letter C “facing” the letter U, all discussing the artistry of Tree Creative while creating a distinctive and dynamic representation. Each letter “S, U, C” corresponds to each image “smoke, cup, and handle” creating a brand identity system around the main image of a “coffee cup,” that helps synchronization in all applications used.

Choosing the brown color of coffee beans in combination with orange creates a harmonious, modern color palette with bouncy, joyful fonts that meet the youthful and dynamic spirit of the brand.



With a completely new identity, Moka is like a “first breeze” in the F&B market in Vietnam. And although the image remains familiar, the brand brings a sense of excitement in its style. Bringing the traditional coffee flavor closer to the new generation, while leaving a strong impression on its customers with high-quality products, services, and unique brand identity.


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