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Ninh Bình
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Senity is a landmark project in the Viet Nam resort market, with onsen hot mineral baths designed in the architectural style of a Japanese partner as a highlight, displaying Senity's unique identity. Wanting to find a brand image developer with depth and originality, Senity turned to Tree Creative to build a brand identity for the Cuc Phuong Senity Resort project.


Tree Creative always upholds the uniqueness of each design, especially for a point project like Senity, where the uniqueness of the identity is in the originality of the resort’s architecture and landscape. Furthermore, the identity must guarantee that it clearly displays Japanese-style onsen mineral bath services.


With architecture inspired by the “infinity” symbol, Tree Creative develops an identity that shows design integrity. The first “S” in the name is the main brand image; when “knit” two together, they create the “infinity” symbol; it also represents the image of a “water wave”—a characteristic of the hot mineral bath service.

The “red dot” appearing in Senity’s logo is a familiar image of the Japanese flag – a country with an Onsen hot mineral bath culture. Furthermore, the “red dot” is also a sign of the service nature. The brown “triangle chamfer” at the base of the logo, when combined with the “green body” and the “red dot,” creates the symbol of trees and a vibrant human figure. This lead to the message that the brand wants to convey, people are like plants; when cared for and watered, they will be healthy and green again. The same goes for every guest who visits Senity, with the service quality and professional staff every guest will be able to enjoy comfort deep within their souls.

In this design, Tree used a modern serif font that is both youthful and classically luxurious, showing the class of the 5-star resort segment.



The synchronization between the brand image and the design architecture has created a Senity with a completely different style from other units in the same industry. Senity is a successful project when it creates a comfortable and pleasant feeling for customers experiencing the service.

The design for Senity brand identity has been featured in the Best Logo Designs on DesignRush.

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